Pet Dental Care

Dental care plays an essential role in your pet’s overall well-being, which is why our pet dentist takes it so seriously here at Oceanside Animal Clinic. Clean, healthy teeth and gums not only permit pets to eat and carry objects without pain, but they also help prevent the insidious onslaught of bacteria that can cause serious health problems. Regular evaluations and cleanings by a Brooklyn dog dentist or Brooklyn cat dentist can help your pet avoid dental abscesses, oral cancer, and other afflictions. Between annual dental visits, home dental hygiene practices can help you monitor and maintain your pet’s health and wellness.

Proper dental care from a Brooklyn pet dentist should begin as early in a pet’s life as possible. Puppies and kittens, especially toy breeds, may retain their baby teeth, causing problems when the adult teeth try to grow in. Our pet dentist can monitor this transition and, if necessary, extract the baby teeth to make room for a healthy set of permanent teeth.

Annual evaluations are recommended for most adult animals — except for senior pets, who may need more frequent dental attention. Our Brooklyn pet dentist checks for signs of oral cancer, damage to teeth, and signs of gum disease. Gum disease generally occurs due to the buildup of plaque on the teeth. As the plaque hardens into tartar, more and more bacteria is drawn to it. Bacteria can then makes its way into the tooth enamel, gum tissues, and jawbone; it may even get into the bloodstream and attack the major organs. In the meantime, your pet may suffer from painful oral infections or tooth loss.

In addition to treating any dental conditions we find, our Brooklyn pet dentist performs comprehensive cleanings to scrape away tough plaque and tartar, thus helping to prevent future gum disease. These cleanings are extensive procedures that must be conducted under general anesthesia. We take the utmost care to clean your pet’s teeth as safely and efficiently as possible.

On top of regular evaluations and cleanings from a Brooklyn cat & dog dentist, area pet owners should also inspect their pets’ mouths at home from time to time. Foul breath, visible lumps or sores, inflamed gums, or indications of oral pain should signal an immediate visit to our Brooklyn pet dentist. We also recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth daily, using pet-friendly oral care products. Click here to watch an instructional video about how to brush your pet’s teeth.

We encourage any dog or cat owner seeking a Brooklyn pet dentist to contact Oceanside Animal Clinic and schedule an initial consultation. We will be happy to examine your pet’s teeth, perform a professional cleaning, and answer any questions you may have about our facility or procedures. We can also help you set up a healthy preventative wellness routine at home to give your pet’s teeth and gums the best possible year-round care.

Oceanside Animal Clinic is here for your pet.

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