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“What more could I ask for? The doctors are very knowledgeable and are super friendly. The staff is really nice and helpful and they always go out of their way to help me even when I don’t ask, and they have the cheapest prices anywhere (and lord knows I’ve done my research.) My dog is two years old and when I come in for annuals it’s quick and painless. When I had to come in for an emergency I was hysterical and they immediately took care of my dog. When I had to do surgery for him I was really nervous and obviously I was looking everywhere for a cheaper price for it and couldn’t find one. They really are reasonable and they have the lowest prices. The surgery was really successful and well done. My dog doesn’t even have any scars, it’s amazing how careful and precise the work is. I’m honestly your average joe so I don’t exaggerate and I don’t expect things that are unrealistic. I went through a lot to find a great place for my pooch he’s practically my child and I want the absolute best for him. So glad I found this place I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Hanna Barmapov

Brooklyn, NY

“My dog is the love of my life and I only want what’s best for him..oceanside animal clinic is definitely the best! The doctors are extremely knowledgable and they really do care for animals. Unlike other doctors who just do it to make their money, DR. Anurov and DR. Anurova really care and treat the pets as they would their own. The prices are great and you are always offered what’s best for your pet and nothing more. It might sound crazy but when I took my dog to the other clinic we used to go to he felt uncomfortable and scared there, at oceanside he acts completely different. He’s hyper and happy and loves the doctors. It’s a whole different environment. I recommend this clinic to absolutely anyone who wants their pets to be treated with 5 star service.”

Ilona S.

Brooklyn, NY

“I took my cats here for the first time a couple of years ago. Friendly staff and friendly doctors! Dr. Anurov and Dr. Anurova took they time to explain things to me and your pet is really taken good care of. I was very happy that I came in here. I am completely satisfied with their service and from now on will only brings my cats here (even that it is quite a ride for me). Yesterday, they even called me to know how my cats were doing! I haven’t seen that happen anywhere. They are great!”

Tatiana Demidenko

Brooklyn, NY

“My excellent experience! If you want your pets to be treated by professional who got talent from GOD, you should bring them to Dr. Anurov. He is a best doctor I’ve ever met! Thanks to him, my beloved cats are alive and healthy. Extremely professional approach from knowledgeable and responsible doctor, as well I would mention emergency type of services even for surgery. I know that clinic has a lot of clients, but when doctor a treating your pet, you have such a feelings that yours is a very special one. The staff is super nice and gentle with the animals. The facility is very clean and they are always accommodating. Also, they are very good about notifying you when it is time for your pets to come in for they check-up, or perhaps change their diet. That is also important, their prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended, don’t waste your time by going somewhere else. Don’t do the mistakes that I already did.”

User: dpi9

Brooklyn, NY

“I am very satisfied with the service I have received with Oceanside. I recently visited twice, for my cat and my roommate’s cat, and was treated exceptionally well. My cat got on very well with her vet, the female veterinarian. My roommate’s cat saw the male veterinarian, who was also professional and helpful. The front desk staff are also bilingual and perky, and very helpful. The services are affordable, and they are not pushy with things you don’t need for your animals (unlike other vets, who will insist on “routine” bloodwork for healthy and/or young animals). Overall a great experience and I look forward to bringing the pets in again for routine care and feel comfortable if anything were to happen to one of them and they needed urgent care.”

Ms. Alina K.

Brooklyn, NY

“This vet is amazing! The doctors and staff are phenomenal! They are pleasant, attentive, knowledgeable and easygoing. They accept walk-ins, which is great for emergencies. I just took my little baby girl there after a few visits to get spayed and they were great. I did a lot of research for spaying, especially price wise and they were the most reasonably priced for not only this procedure but for everything else as well! I will never go anywhere else!!”

Krystal D.

Brooklyn, NY

“I went to Dr. Anurov an hour early because I confused that with my other appointment. Not only did the staff not whine or roll their eyes at me (you know that always happens at doctor’s and dentist’s these days), the doctor actually saw me even though she was busy. She was very friendly with me, detailed with answers for my endless list of questions, patient and gentle in handling my cats. She didn’t push any of her products and didn’t order any “tests” or “lab work” even when I said I didn’t remember the last visit. (I think I had actual face time with her for like 30 minutes.) Plus, the first visit is free. What does it hurt to try?”

Gary W.

Brooklyn, NY

“Today I walked my dog and noticed she had blood in her urine. I called Oceanside (was nearby) THEY TOLD ME TO COME RIGHT IN. The Dr. took great care of my Yorkie, and the receptionist was very sweet! I also have to say what is very special about this vet is that I was new, it is Sunday after 4:00 pm (they close at 1:00 pm on Sundays), they didn’t hesitate to see me ASAP, they have an on-site lab and x-ray and I was given medication for my dog. My vet didn’t even answer the phone. Oceanside Animal Clinic has a “NEW” and VERY satisfied customer. Thank you for taking GREAT care of my baby!!!”

Miriam C.

Brooklyn, NY

“The best vet clinic I’ve been to. I have 8 cats, and had cats most of my life, so I’ve been to many vet clinics in Brooklyn, but this one is the best by far!!! Besides the cleanliness of that place, friendly atmosphere, helpful staff and of course Great Doctors, it has very reasonable prices. I take all my cats there, and recommend this place to all my co-workers and everyone I come in contact with who has pets, and never heard a single complaint from anyone I’ve ever sent there. This vet clinic is really amazing, and I’m so glad I ran into it by accident few years ago. Thank Dr. Anurovs and the best staff in NYC!!!”

Anna D.

Brooklyn, NY

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